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Here you see where in Germany Hamburg is located (map by cia world factbook and taken as GNU-FDL material from German Wikipedia)
we proudly present here our unofficial homepage concerning the aeromedical helicopter ''SAR 71'' which is located in Hamburg (northern Germany). In the following we attempt to give you a brief insight into the major topics of this website. This is meant to give you a summary of the most important contents although it will never represent a complete translation of our offers in German language.

How medical air rescue of German Air Force came into being

In Germany, the emergency medical services (EMS) have been supported by specially equipped aeromedical helicopters since 1970/1971. Those helicopters are meant to bring a medical team (physician and paramedic) and their equipment to the scene of accident as quickly as possible and to be able to transfer a patient from the scene of accident to a suitable hospital. In November 1971 the German Air Force established it's first helicopter which was meant to help paramedical units on the ground: ''SAR 75'', based at Ulm's hospital of the Armed Forces. ''SAR 75'' was the second helicopter within Germany that had been dedicated to fulfill such tasks.
Why did the Armed Forces do so? Well, in 1956 Germany joined the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation). This implied that Germany assured to develop a 'search and rescue' (SAR) system that would be able to give quick and adequate help in case of air-traffic incidents or shipwrecks. SAR helicopters had been based all over Western Germany.
In the late 1960s, enormously increasing numbers of fatal accidents made some people suggest a system of aeromedical helicopters that should support the usual ambulances. It had been proved with some helicopters that this would be a great advantage and improve the patient's outcomes after the incident.
So the Armed Forces agreed to run some additional SAR helicopters that were both, SAR helicopters and aeromedical EMS-helicopters. Ever since, a physician has been part of the crew of these combined SAR-/EMS helicopters.

Hamburg's SAR helicopter

In 1973, the Armed Forces' hospital in Hamburg also got a helicopter for EMS and SAR purposes. Ever since, this has been a Dornier Bell UH-1D aircraft. It's radio callname is ''SAR Hamburg 71'', also known more briefly as ''SAR 71''. For usual EMS purposes, Hamburg's fire brigade and EMS dispatch centre coordinates the helicopter's missions. Whenever an SAR task is to be done, the Air Force's RCC (Rescue Coordination Centre) in Muenster is responsible for ''SAR 71''. SAR missions are quite rare when compared to the number of aeromedical missions in EMS. Yet this is the most important job that ''SAR 71'' is responsible for so SAR missions will always be seen as more important task than medical emergencys.

"SAR 71" is mostly active in an area that is in no more than 80 kilometers of distance to the helicopter`s homebase. Any place which is located in this area can usually be reached by the aircraft within about 25 minutes of flight.

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